Xcpc emulator

Amstrad CPC emulator

Installation manual


On this page you will find useful informations on how to build and install Xcpc.

Note that Xcpc emulator is fully autotoolized.


Under Debian or derivatives (Ubuntu, Mint, …), please install first these dependencies. On the other distros, please install equivalent packages.

Mandatory dependencies :


Optional dependencies :


If you want to build the Gtk+-3.x user interface, you must install this package:


If you want to build the Motif-2.x user interface, you must install this package:


Generate the configure script

Generate the configure script if it does not exists. This step is mandatory in case you just have cloned the git repository.

First, please ensure you have the following packages installed on your system:


Then you just have to run this command:

autoreconf -v -i -f

Configure the sources

Run the configure script

./configure --prefix={destination-path}

Xcpc supports 4 differents user interface types:

  • Gtk+-3.x
  • Motif-2.x
  • Athena
  • Intrinsic

The user interface toolkit is detected automagically when running the configure script.

You can disable the support of a specific toolkit:


You can also force the user interface toolkit with the --with-x11-toolkit option:


Build the emulator

Build the emulator

make -j5

Install the emulator

Install the emulator

make install

Run the emulator

Run the emulator


Desktop integration

A XDG compliant .desktop file is provided, so you can copy or symlink this file in a relevant directory

For example, in the system directory

ln -sf {destination-path}/share/applications/xcpc.desktop /usr/share/applications/xcpc.desktop

For example, or the user directory

ln -sf {destination-path}/share/applications/xcpc.desktop ${HOME}/.local/share/applications/xcpc.desktop

How to install into your home directory

Quick installation instructions

autoreconf -v -i -f
./configure --prefix=${HOME}/Apps/xcpc
make -j5
make install
ln -sf {HOME}/Apps/xcpc/share/applications/xcpc.desktop ${HOME}/.local/share/applications/xcpc.desktop

You can now run the emulator from your desktop menu Games > Xcpc