Xcpc emulator

Amstrad CPC emulator

Source code

Xcpc is mainly distributed as source code and it’s source code is hosted on a private gitlab-ce repository.

Public mirrors are available on:

Please read the installation manual if you are not familiar with the build and installation process from sources.

You can also find, download and install precompiled packages for your distro, but with no warranties and as your own responsibility.

Source code

You can browse the source code by clicking on the following links.

The master branch is available here:

The unstable branch is available here:

The release branch is available here:

Git clone

From Bitbucket:

git clone git@bitbucket.org:ponceto/xcpc.git

From GitHub:

git clone git@github.com:ponceto/xcpc-emulator.git

From GitLab:

git clone git@gitlab.com:ponceto/xcpc-emulator.git