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Xcpc v0.34.0 has been released

cover🔗 published by Olivier Poncet on Thursday, Apr 15, 2021 at 16:30

The version v0.34.0 of Xcpc has been released !

What’s new ?

This version contains lots of improvements, new features and fixes.

The Athena and Motif user interfaces have been updated, a status bar has been added with disk names, emulated machine informations and emulation status.

The emulator widget, which acts as a glue between the Athena or Motif user interface and the emulation kernel, has been refactored and the keyboard and mouse events are now properly throttled. You can now reliably use events generators or virtual keyboards like « Onboard ».

Last but not least, the rendering code has been rewritten and is now much better. Not totally perfect but much more precise. Split screens, raster effects and hardware scrollings are now rendered correctly.

Some bugs persist, for example a black screen in « Fruity Frank » when selecting the game speed (Fast / Medium / Slow) and some games still don’t work (eg « Crazy Cars II », …). I’m investigating these issues and instrumented the code to try to identify the root causes.


2021-04-15	Olivier Poncet <olivier.poncet@xcpc-emulator.net>

	* Athena and Motif2 user interfaces improved.
	* Athena and Motif2 Drag'n Drop URI deserialization.
	* CRTC-6845 emulation updated.
	* AY-3-8912 emulation updated.
	* Interrupt generation improved.
	* Rendering fixed and more accurate.
	* Emulator widget improved with input events throttling.
	* Some refactoring and minor improvements.


You can download this new version by clicking on the following links:

You can also find all previous versions on the download page.

Source code

You can browse the source code by clicking on the following links:

You can also clone the git repository:

git clone -b xcpc-0.34.0 git@github.com:ponceto/xcpc-emulator.git
git clone -b xcpc-0.34.0 git@gitlab.com:ponceto/xcpc-emulator.git
git clone -b xcpc-0.34.0 git@bitbucket.org:ponceto/xcpc.git