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Xcpc v0.35.0 has been released

cover🔗 published by Olivier Poncet on Tuesday, Apr 20, 2021 at 12:15

The version v0.35.0 of Xcpc has been released !

What’s new ?

This version now provides a new very simple user interface based on Xt Intrincs in case of Athena or Motif2 toolkits are not available or if you just want the simplest user interface, basically a simple window.

Joystick support has been added under Linux and up to two physical joysticks can be used. You can now really play to old games in good conditions.

Some Hotkeys/shortcuts have been added:

  • « F1 » for help.
  • « F2 / F3 » for loading/saving snapshots.
  • « F4 / F5 » for inserting/removing disk into/from drive A.
  • « F6 / F7 » for inserting/removing disk into/from drive B.

The throtting of keyboard events has been improved so you can use virtual keyboards (like Onboard) without losing some keys.

The joystick emulator with the keyboard has been rewritten:

  • Toggle joystick emulation: « Home » or « End ».
  • Directions: « Up / Down / Left / Right ».
  • Fire 1: « Left Control ».
  • Fire 2: « Left Alt ».

The emulator scheduling has been improved and some little bugs have been fixed.

Autotoolization has been updated with the detection of the PortAudio library to prepare the future sound support.


2021-04-20	Olivier Poncet <olivier.poncet@xcpc-emulator.net>

	* Autotoolization updated.
	* Basic intrinsic based gui added.
	* Hotkeys support added.
	* Better Scheduling.
	* Sound support preparation.
	* Physical Joystick support added.
	* Joystick emulation with keyboard rewritten.


You can download this new version by clicking on the following links:

You can also find all previous versions on the download page.

Source code

You can browse the source code by clicking on the following links:

You can also clone the git repository:

git clone -b xcpc-0.35.0 git@github.com:ponceto/xcpc-emulator.git
git clone -b xcpc-0.35.0 git@gitlab.com:ponceto/xcpc-emulator.git
git clone -b xcpc-0.35.0 git@bitbucket.org:ponceto/xcpc.git