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Xcpc v0.38.1 has been released

cover🔗 published by Olivier Poncet on Saturday, Apr 8, 2023 at 08:00

The version v0.38.1 of Xcpc has been released !

What’s new ?

It’s been a long time since the last release. Well, in fact not so long, just some hours ! This version contains a patch for the Gtk3 frontend to force the use of the X11 backend when running on the Wayland compositor. So now Xcpc should run with Gtk3 under Wayland by using the XWayland protocol layer.

Thanks to Alexandre Derumier for the bug report.


2023-04-08	Olivier Poncet <olivier.poncet@xcpc-emulator.net>

	* Force X11 with Gtk3 under Wayland.
	* Documentation fix.


You can download this release by clicking on the following links.

Source code:

Debian package for the amd64 architecture:

Debian package for the arm64 architecture:

You can also find all previous versions on the download page.

Source code

You can browse the source code by clicking on the following links:

You can also clone the git repository:

git clone -b xcpc-0.38.1 git@github.com:ponceto/xcpc-emulator.git
git clone -b xcpc-0.38.1 git@gitlab.com:ponceto/xcpc-emulator.git
git clone -b xcpc-0.38.1 git@bitbucket.org:ponceto/xcpc.git